Hendro’s Memorial Page

Family & Personal Life 

  • When and where did you settle in North Carolina?
    • We arrived in the United States in 2001 where we settled in Charlotte North Carolina.
  • Ask about birth of children.
    • Our first daughter, Feisya Firenze Atmojo, was born on January 27, 2009. Our second daughter, Valerie Almirante Atmojo was born on June 10, 2014.
  • How did he feel/react about becoming a father?
    • We both were very excited. We’ve been married since 2004 and have been waiting for a long time. We finally received our miracle when I became pregnant in 2008.
  • What are some things that he loved/enjoyed doing during his free time?
    • Hendro loved anything that had to do with culinary. He enjoyed exploring new restaurants and trying out different things. He also enjoyed seeking out new places for the kids to go have fun at.  He loved spending time with the family.
  • What are places he loved to go/visit?
    • Hendro loved going anywhere that made that girls happy. He also loved going to the fish store.
  • What are goals he had for himself and the family?
    • Hendro’s main goal he had for us and the family was to always make sure the girls were successful and anything they do. His other goals were to own a business and to help build a mosque.

Sushi Life 

  • What made you decide to pursue sushi as a career?
    • Hendro wanted to challenge himself. That challenge came in the form of learning to to make sushi.
  • When and where did you start learning how to do sushi?
    • He actually started off by learning from YouTube videos. He used what he learned and started to practice and perfect his craft  at Eez Restaurant in Birkdale (Huntersville.)
  • How did you feel about learning sushi? Were you nervous, excited?
    • As far as Hendro learning how to do sushi, I was very happy and excited. I had complete faith in him and was also so proud of his accomplishments.
  • When did doing sushi become a craft of yours? When did you realize that it was something you were truly passionate about?
    • Hendro realized that sushi was more than just a hobby. It was a craft that he loved doing. His work on sushi made others happy which in return made him happy.
  • Tell me about your feelings about joining the E-Noodles family? How did you feel about starting somewhere new, especially at an establishment where sushi was still brand new?
    • To be honest, I was very happy that Hendro was going to join me at E Noodles and so was he. Not only were we going to be able to work in the same place but it also saved us time because it was close to our apartment. E Noodles was not open on Sundays.  This worked out perfect for us because it gave us time to spend with the family.  Also, Karren and Alex are very flexible in helping us with our schedules.  Not only were they flexible but they are nice.  E Noodles was a great work environment for Hendro an I.